Infrastructure Momentum Makers

We live in a world that never stops moving, where society depends on the constant flow of goods and people. This is all made possible by the marvels of our modern infrastructure, but who are the pioneers that bring order, processes and systems to keep us moving, and what can we learn from their insights? In Infrastructure Momentum Makers, host and strategy advisor Ratna Amin speaks with the movers and shakers at the intersection of the public, private, and civic sectors about the latest breakthroughs and developments in the world of infrastructure. From the future of our transportation systems to exploring the challenges presented by governance and compliance, you’ll hear from the industry leaders and the people behind infrastructure policy about the latest innovations revolutionizing our world. Infrastructure Momentum Makers presented by Ansarada is a must-hear podcast for anyone looking to keep their finger on the pulse and get the inside scoop on the latest major infrastructure projects.